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Cooking without the products you are no longer allowed to have or not use because you are ill or allergic, or if you simply want to cook with as little ...


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3D Marzipan Figures

Learn how to make 3D Marzipan figures? Find here the workshop for you!

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Fruithamburger Nice for childeren party Made with eggcakes

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The artichoke It is artichoke season, so that’s why I would like to tell you more about them. The artichoke is the flower of the thistle. They were already eaten by the Romans and Egyptians. Probably the Etruscans were the first who grew artichokes on a large scale. You can see them on wall-paintings in [...]

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HOME WITH JOY HELPS LIBERIA GLOBAL FOUNDATION I got acquainted with Kemah Singer and got the opportunity to make an effort for her foundation and to support this very special lady. I’m teaching her to make bread, cake, pastry etc. I met her last year. She is the founder of the Liberia Global Foundation. This [...]

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